The patient should understand that he/she is responsible for his/her own health and should therefore co-operate fully with healthcare providers.
The patient is responsible for:

  1. The patient should understand that he/she is responsible for his/her diagnosis, treatment, counselling, and rehabilitation purposes.
  2. Requesting additional information sand or clarification regarding his/her heakth or treatment, which may not have been well understood.
  3. Complying with presccribed treatment, reporting adverse effects and adhering to follow up request
  4. Information his her healthcate providers of ant antucupated problems in following prescribed treatment or advice.
  5. Obtaining all necessary informatuon, which have a bearing on his/het management and treatment including all financial implications.
  6. Acquiting knowledge on preventice, promotive and simple curative practices and where necesarry to seeking early professional help.
  7. Maintaining safe and hygieninc environment inorder to promote goord health
  8. Respecting the riggts of other patients/ clients and Health Service personnel
  9. Protecting the property of the Health facility


NB: These rights and responsibilities shall be exercised by accredited and recognized representatives on behalf of minors and patients who are unable for whatever reasons to make informed decisions by themselves.

In all healthcare activities the patient’s dignity and interest must be paramount.