Outpatient Guide

What You Should Bring
Your appointment letter, your current personal contact details (address / phone number / GP name). Please ensure you bring with you any medication you are taking.

On arrival at the Hospital please report to the reception desk indicated in your appointment letter. Show your notification of an appointment and/or your appointment card to the receptionist who will ask to check your personal details and direct you to the appropriate waiting area.

Please bring your appointment card on every occasion that you attend Hospital. If you have any disability which may affect you during your visit (for example hard of hearing), please notify the reception staff.

After reporting to the reception desk, you will be given a ‘booking-in slip’ and told to go to a waiting area that is specific to your clinic. The booking-in slip acts as the notification to nursing staff that you have arrived in the clinic and you are asked to place it in a marked tray within the specific waiting area.

Medical staff
The medical staff work in teams, each under the direction of a Consultant. You will not necessarily see the same doctor each time, but the one you see will always be familiar with the details of previous visits.

Nursing Staff
Each clinic has a member of nursing staff available if you have any worries or concerns.

Medical Students
There may be medical students present during your consultation as part of their ongoing training. Please let us know if you would rather see the doctor alone.

Please inform the Hospital if you are currently taking any tablets, medicines or eyedrops. These should be brought with you when you attend clinic. If you are prescribed any medication by the Hospital the doctor will give you a prescription. Unless you are exempt from paying prescription charges you will be required to pay in the usual way.

Eye Clinics
If you are attending the eye clinic and you wear glasses for reading or for distance vision please bring your glasses with you.

On completion of your consultation, please ensure that you make your next appointment with the receptionist (if necessary). If you would like any further information or advice, please ask your nurse.

Appointment Cancellations
If you are unable to keep your appointment please tell us. If at all possible please give us at least 48 hours’ notice of your cancellation.

No Smoking Policy
Smoking is not permitted within the Hospital and the immediate vicinity i.e. entrances and exits.

The result of your operation and treatment will be greatly improved if you stop smoking. It is best to stop at least 8 weeks before your operation.